booked | 3-step marketing framework for art therapists

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3 beginner-friendly steps to attract new clients, fill your schedule, and grow your therapy practice.

Discover how to market the value of your service and make people believe that art is a good vehicle for healing and spiritual development...

Without losing yourself in the process.

In this framework you will learn about:

  • An simple strategy to get potential clients through the door that will separate you from other mental health providers out there.
  • A no-stress alternative to having a website that still establishes your digital presence, authority and expertise.
  • A “marketing machine” that will do the lead-nurturing for you to increase people’s awareness and understanding of your brand.

Plus bonus tips on how to shamelessly promote your service.

What others are saying about it...

"It’s fantastic! You condensed a lot of valuable information into a nice bit size easy to read way that I and others can utilize. I learned a lot and it confirmed some of what I have researched on how to go about utilizing social media and web based services for business. I had heard the term landing page before but didn’t really understand it until reading the section on that. I liked how you discuss and give tips for condensing information and being short and direct."
M. Zelasko-Barrett
Art Therapist / Attorney
"It is inspiring Liane, and explains a lot very simply."
C. Smith
Art Therapist
"[I can see] it is well written and full of useful advice."
J. Ogilvy
Art Therapist / Integrative Child

Hey there! I am Liane, a copywriter who paints…

Half of the day I am an amateur artist pursuing my creative passions.

The other half of it I am a freelance copywriter helping Art Therapists and Practitioners increase their brand awareness, engagement, and leads through emails using my 2-stroke approach: compelling story + action-driven copy.